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Important Information Regarding Coronavirus Prevention in Lithuania | Latest updates

The Lithuanian government has extended quarantine until June 16, but is also moving ahead with the lockdown-easing measures.

As it was announced, Lithuanian authorities have taken additional precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the country. Quarantine was introduced from 16 March to 16 June to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

The Lithuanian government moves ahead with the lockdown-easing measures:
Monday, 18 May the following businesses to be reopen:
– Kindergartens and other pre-school education establishments are allowed to reopen.
– All beauty services, including tattoo and piercing parlors, tanning salons.
– Private gym training in groups of no more than 10 people.
– Professional athlete training in indoor facilities with 2-metre distance requirement.
– Outdoor events of under 30 people. Organizers must ensure 2-metre distances between people and 10-square-metre space per participant.
– Hospital visits with doctor's permission. Partners are allowed to be present during childbirth.
– All dental services.

Monday, 11 May the following businesses were allowed to reopen:
– Driving lessons and examinations in cars and other vehicles.
– Foreign language examination is allowed for students who need language proficiency certificates for university applications. No more than 10 people are allowed in exam rooms with distances of at least two metres.

Thursday, 7 May the following businesses were allowed to reopen:
– Boating in groups bigger than two.

Monday, 27 April the following businesses were allowed to reopen:
- Outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars.
- Hairdressers and manicure services.
- Sightseeing paths, parks, zoos, outdoor botanical gardens, but not observational towers.
- Golf and tennis courts, shooting ranges, wake-board parks.
- Museums, libraries.
- Driving and aviation exams are also able to take place.

Thursday, 23 April the following businesses were allowed to reopen:
- All retailers, including those in shopping centers.
- The selling of plants, seeds and fertilizers in open-air markets.

Wednesday, 15 April the following businesses were allowed to reopen:
- Retailers that have direct access from the street.
- Shops selling household goods and repair service providers.
- Key makers.
- Accessory shops.
- Shoe repair services.
- Bike repair shops.
- Laundry shops and dry-cleaners.
- Rental shops.
- Repair shops.
- Pet stores.
More about that here.

Wearing face masks in public is recommended. It is mandatory to wear face masks at markets and other public retail places, events, excursions, public transport stops and all indoor public places.

Starting on 15 May, citizens of Latvia and Estonia are allowed to enter Lithuania freely and without the required 14-day self-isolation period.

Citizens of other EU countries are allowed to come to Lithuania from 11 May for work, business or education.

EU citizens, except for Baltic and Polish nationals, are required to self-isolate for two weeks after coming to Lithuania. Lithuanian residents must also self-isolate for two weeks after returning from foreign countries (except Latvia, Estonia and Poland).

If you are a foreign citizen planning to return to your home country during the quarantine, we strongly advise contacting your embassy immediately. Here’s a list of Lithuania-based embassies and consulates.

Information on Flights and traveling by Air. 

Kautra, the Kaunas-based bus company, operate  intercity bus routes from April 14 to the biggest Lithuanian cities. The buses will still operate in Kaunas district. The Kaunas bus station (also Kautra-ran stations in Vilkaviškis, Alytus and Prienai) will remain open. “Siuntos autobusais”, the bus delivery service renews operations from April 14. 

If you can’t reach your family doctor and are not sure about your state, MEDo, an online Lithuanian doctor volunteer network, can answer your health-related questions in messenger. At the moment, they can also consult in English, Swedish, and Norwegian. Here’s the link.

The number of passengers on intercity buses and trains is restricted to maintain the necessary distances between passengers. This requirement also applies to public transport within Vilnius.

Public transport runs as usual (timetables might change), but tickets can no longer be purchased on the bus directly from the driver. We suggest downloading the Žiogas App (Google Play | Appstore) and using online tickets. Alternatively, you can purchase a public transport card and top it up in a kiosk, if there is one at the station.

Intercity trains and buses run as usual. Check traukiniobilietas.lt and autobusobilietai.lt before your trip.

People are welcome to visit parks, forests and other open spaces in the city and around, but it’s recommended to keep safe social distance (2 metres at least) and avoid direct contact. Do not touch surfaces and your face; periodically disinfect your hands. 

A mobile coronavirus testing site has opened in Kaunas on Jonavos g. 51A. To receive the permission to arrive and time slot, you must call the corona hotline 1808 and consult with the specialists. 

Government Newsfeed in English 

Lithuanian Radio and Television website in English

COVID-19 Hotline in Lithuania: 1808 (free of charge).

If necessary, please contact us at info@kaunastic.lt, by phone +370 616 23828 or +370 616 50991 | Facebook | Instagram


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