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Happy Birthday, Vilnius! Come Celebrate in Kaunas

On January 28th, everyone in Vilnius are invited to travel to Kaunas by bus for free. There’s more!

On January 25th, 1323, Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, wrote a letter mentioning VIlnius. This makes the day the official birthday of our capital - it has just turned 694.

Kaunas decided to give a very kaunastic gift to Vilnius this year. A whole birthday party, to be precise! Because, seriously, who likes to celebrate their birthday at home? The preparation, the food, the dishes… It’s always nicer to go somewhere. Kaunas, for example. So, if you reside in Vilnius at the moment, this is a great chance to discover our city, too.  

The birthday party will be held on Saturday, January 28th. Everyone is invited to travel to Kaunas for free by bus (and arrive at our brand new bus station), to start with. There are 15 routes you can choose from, starting 07:55AM. The last bus you can use the voucher  (available in the Vilnius bus station - you’ll definitely spot a special stand) on from Vilnius to Kaunas leaves at 09:10PM. Here are some great accommodation options in Kaunas you are welcome to browse through. It’d be rude to leave your birthday party too early, right?

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Free excursions focusing on various topics are available in Kaunas throughout the day - these are mostly in Lithuanian but you’re welcome to download a special app “Kaunas of 1919-1940” available at both App Store and Google Play. The app will help you discover the best examples of modernist architecture in Kaunas. They’re very close to be included into the UNESCO World Heritage list, too!

A handful of cafes, bars and restaurants will give you a special discount if you show them the birthday voucher. Agave, Ieti, Višta Puode, Hop Doc, Capo, Radharane, Kultūra, Lizdas are among the recommendations - find the full list here. The discount also works with the VILNIEČIO KORTELĖ, the Vilnius transport card. 

Kaunas dovanoja vilnieciams nemokamus autobusu bilietus i Kauna
See you in Kaunas on Saturday. Hope you have a splendid time. Don’t forget to tag your snapshots #sveikinakaunas and #kaunastic. 

Ant Tauro kalno Kaunas iskabino sveikinima vilnieciams Gimtadienio proga P.S. There's a billboard in Vilnius saying "Happy birthday from Kaunas". Cute, right?



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