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Getting Things Done. Kaunas Style!

EUR 400 000 have been allocated for renovation of facades in Kaunas in 2016. The results are now live.

“Kaunas tvarkosi” (“Getting Things Done”) is a slogan used by Kaunas municipality to emphasize the numerous reconstruction works that have been done recently and are being done at the moment. In fact, the city looks a lot like Busytown these days - and it seems contagious!

EUR 400 000 have been allocated by the municipality for renovation of facades in Kaunas in 2016. 17 real estate owners used the aid to partly finance the renovation projects - a lot of the recently refurbished buildings in the Old town and the Centre are in the list of cultural heritage, but the program is not only aimed at them. The budget of the program is expected to be increased to EUR 800 000 next year, so it’s definitely good news for everyone owning estate that needs a facelift.

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Above are some of the buildings that have been renovated with the financial aid from the municipality. You can view all of them on tvarkosi.kaunas.lt. The “Kaunas tvarkosi” program is also aiming at roads, pavements, parks and general cleanliness of the city.

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