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Getting Inked in Kaunas

What about a permanent kaunastic souvenir on your skin – a picture of Soboras, maybe, or of the famous smiling cat?

We’ve been receiving quite a few questions about the tattoo scene in Kaunas recently. After sharing our recommendations with students, world travellers and other interested people, we decided to publish them in our blog, too! So, if you like permanent souvenirs that travel with you (the kaunastic trends now are the Soboras church or the smiling cat tag), these are the places to contact, together with some visual examples of their work. All of the parlours are located in the central parts of Kaunas. Do contact in advance!

Red Hill Tattoo & Piercing

Located in the middle of Parodos hill, the hip place is home to some of the most exciting contemporary and classic tattoo artists in town.


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All photos by the parlour

Ink Factory

Perfect for those who like it large and bold.


Photo by the parlour

Green Buddha Tattoo

Thinking of something spiritual and full of details? This is the place to go. 



All photos by the parlour

Remis Tattoo

Remis knows his classic yet original deal and is valued by hundreds of people in Lithuania and abroad.


Photo by the parlour

Magic Forest Tattoo

Perfect for nature lovers and those searching for eternal peace with their body and soul.



All photos by the parlour



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