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Crate Digging and Sprat Eating: A Dutch DJ in Kaunas

A convenient flight schedule from Eindhoven makes Kaunas a great weekend getaway. Records, burgers and beer are definitely included.

We met Sil from Rotterdam in November – he was among the first Dutch travellers to make use of the new Wizzair route connecting Eindhoven and Kaunas. Let’s find out what he liked about his 4-day trip over a cup of tea.

“My experience of the trip is very good – both Eindhoven and Kaunas airports are small and quick”, says Sil, who is a DJ and works in a record store in Rotterdam. In fact, a record store called Plokštelių parduotuvė (the name only states “Record Store”) in Kaunas was among the places he liked the most – and told us all about it.

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“The Plokštelių parduotuvė is great if you’re looking for old Soviet-era pressings of both Russian or Baltic electronica, western jazz and regional music. The staff is more than friendly, they serve coffee & tea and are up for a little chat. Entering the shop feels like getting in someone’s house”, remembers our new acquaintance.

He adds that a regular customer was willing to help him and the shop owner understand each other, so English was not a problem. Here are the vinyl records Sil brought back home to Rotterdam – we can spot a couple of Lithuanian fairy-tales among them!

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Plokštelių parduotuvė is open 10AM-6PM on weekdays and 10AM-2PM on Saturdays. You can check their stock on Discogs - yes, that’s more than 28,000 items! The store also offers MCs, CDs (the best new Lithuanian music, too), shellac and vintage record players. We’ve warned you…

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One must feel hungry after an hour or two spent digging record crates. As Sil came to visit his friends, they decided to take him to a place that is focused on authentic Lithuanian cuisine. The name of the place is Višta puode (A Hen in a Pot); it’s balancing ancient Lithuanian recipes and a modern approach to cooking. 

Višta puode is open daily from as early as 7:30AM, making it one of the hottest breakfast spots in town. The restaurant occupies three different spaces one of which is dedicated to tastings and degustations. You should seriously consider the latter if you want a true contemporary Lithuanian cuisine experience. 

erdves imgVišta puode: 3 in 1

“My favourite was the bruschetta with sprat from the Baltic sea, and the menu had lots of traditional food made in a nowadays way”, adds the DJ who also loved the barhopping that included Vingiu Dubingiu, Hop Doc (both are in our #kaunastic craft beer pub list), Pelėdinė and the likes.

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The DJ also visited the Lithuanian Folk Music History Museum on the corner of Zamenhofo and Kurpių streets where he got to try out an ancient Lithuanian horn and checked out a working gramophone. This is a must-visit for a music lover!


Would Sil come back? “Absolutely – I would like to visit Lithuania in the summertime, though – I believe the experience would be different”, says our interviewee who's already back in Rotterdam. He took the Kaunastic map with him so the promise to visit us again seems realistic.

IMG 0240It sure is! You can download the PDF version of the map here.

Wizzair flies from Eindhoven to Kaunas on Thursdays and Sundays. The flight duration is 2:10 hours and you can fly back on a Thursday or Sunday as well. Book an adventure on www.wizzair.com.


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