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Co-Working in Kaunas

As of August 2017, there are four co-working spaces in town; the fifth is ready to be opened any moment now. We believe there's a need for more!

As more and more people all over the world combine travel and work, it’s about time we shed some light on co-working spaces in Kaunas. As of August 2017, there are four options for that, not counting numerous cafes and libraries that offer free (and speedy) wi-fi. As all four are pretty busy (the fifth that'll be opened soon should have no problem filling up, too) and there's still quite a lot of industrial areas that could be nicely converted, we believe there's a market for more co-working spaces in the city. 

Talent Garden Kaunas (Laisvės al. 59), part of the European network of Talent Garden, is the first co-working space in Kaunas. It hosts up to 50 members, offers two closed meeting rooms, lounge, creative and game areas, partner offers and extra services needed for the young entrepreneur. Pet friendly, too. A tremendous discount at Caffeine cafe nearby is a big perk, together with a fantastic view in central location and a lot of events held at TAG weekly. The latter include startup presentations, fuckup nights, lectures, inspirational talks etc. 


Details and pricing: kaunas.talentgarden.org

Happspace (Laisvės al. 51A) means more than 500 sq. m. of pet-friendly space and 100 workplaces. You can even choose between a desk in an open space and a small private office. Happspace also offers showers, lockers, game area and conference halls. Did we mention it’s open 24/7? The second Happspace. also located on Laisvės al. (in a bank building, to be precise), should open very soon!

Details and pricing: happspace.com

Nessie at Work (Jurbarko g. 2A) is located at the very beginning of Vilijampolė district, which is still quite central but also offers more fresh air for your head. There’s a yoga studio next door and that’s no coincidence because Nessie’s mission is not only to provide comfortable working environment, but also to give an opportunity to look after your physical body by doing yoga, clearing your mind and improving creativity by visiting meditation sessions, and also to taste homemade healthy food every day. There’s also a safe place for your bike.


Details and pricing: nessie.work

Design Friends (K. Baršausko g. 59) is located in the inspiring Santaka valley at the campus of Kaunas University of Technology. The space’s mission is to create an active and creative ecosystem that caters for a variety of professionals needs such as space to work, networking connections, meaningful events and a great atmosphere to achieve. Design Friends also aim to connect the business ecosystem of Kaunas and Lithuania through events, courses and partnerships with global companies.


Details and pricing: designfriends.org

Redakcija (Vilniaus g. 34D-1) (‘Editorial office’ in English) is the newest little brother in the cozy family of co-working spaces in Kaunas, ready to be opened any moment now. It’s the only one located on Vilniaus street and promises to stay open 24/7. Inside, you’ll find 3 separate spaces, 35 workplaces and meeting bar where you can become a barista. Training sessions, seminars and lectures by guests are all in the plans of the busy editorial office, too. Looking good!

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Details and pricing: kaunascoworking.lt


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