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Cafes for Street Art and Architecture Lovers in Kaunas

After sightseeing, why not unwind in a cafe or a pub? Here are the favourite ones of modernists and wallographers of Kaunas.

Exploring the modernist architecture heritage and the contemporary street art scene in Kaunas might be exhausting, especially if you decide to do both at the same time. We hope you’re using the kaunastic maps Modernist’s Guide and Wallographer’s Notes while in Kaunas. After sightseeing, why not unwind in a cafe or a pub? Here are the favourite ones of modernists and wallographers of Kaunas. 

Kultūra / K. Donelaičio 16

The cafe located in the Kaunas Picture Gallery is not only surrounded by street art but is itself characterised by the artistic interior. Posters from historical exhibitions and unexpected interior details will nourish your brain and the fantastic kitchen – your stomach.

KM 009 1

Photo by A. Aleksandravičius 

Kuhne / Žemaičių 29

Jonas Jablonskis, the legendary patron of the Lithuanian language, is winking at you from the walls of the hunger killers’ abode. Bonus points: a modernist style high school bearing his name, as well as his bust can be seen through the eatery’s window.

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Photo by Kuhne

Pelėdinė / Šv. Gertrūdos 22

While stuffing yourself with these special burgers, you can observe Kaunas rushing by and the eatery’s interior design, which symbolises experience and modernity.

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Photos by Pelėdinė 

Galeria Urbana / Vilniaus 22

After visiting the street art objects in the Old Town, you should sit down in this urban taverna located in the building of the Kaunas department of Lithuanian Architects Union. Its menu is subtly architectural, the walls are often filled with exhibitions, and the bathroom hides the entire Soviet apartment building – a separate work of art by the Gyva Grafika collective.

GALERIA URBANA restoranas meno galerija kaunas 5

Photo by Galeria Urbana



Photos by Gyva Grafika

Vingiu Dubingiu / A. Mickevičiaus 37

The traditional exterior of the blue wooden house hides a contemporary minimalist interior and a wide variety of craft drinks. The pub is a meeting place for artists, architects and academics, so you might as well engage in an enriching conversation.  

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There's a kaunastic backyard, too! Photo by Milda Gineikaitė

Yzy / Vilniaus 19

The nourishing stop on the main street of the Old Town will shelter the art and music lovers for a lazy afternoon or evening. Their interior is full of drawings, pictures and doodles of all kinds.

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Photos by Yzy

Kaukas / Vilniaus 34 

Remember our story about Garbės žodis, a local streetwear brand that has transformed the iconic Run-DMC logo into KAU NAS? Well, one more transformation can be found in Kaukas, a craft beer pub on Vilniaus street. The KAU KAS full cap drawing is a result of a graffiti workshop.  

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Photos by Kaukas / WA5 PHOTOGRAPHY 

Caif Cafe / K. Donelaičio 22 

One of the most charming intersections in central Kaunas is that of Gedimino and K. Donelaičio streets. We recommend starting your busy day in the city with a nice cup of joe, watching cars and people rushing through the enormous glass windows of the cafe. The historical building was designed by Arnas Funkas, one of the most prominent architects of interwar Kaunas – his portrait and architectural drawings of the house have been used to decorate the interior. Smart!


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