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Break Your Screen Routine in Lithuania (Including Kaunas!)

Tourism development agency Lithuania Travel has launched a new campaign featuring The Roop, Lithuania’s hottest music act and this year’s Eurovision entry.

Tourism development agency Lithuania Travel has launched a new campaign featuring The Roop, Lithuania’s hottest music act and this year’s Eurovision entry. It invites the 50 million Europeans that are eligible for international travel to escape their laptops and mobile phones and plan their holidays in Lithuania.

“Tired of the same old screen routine? Can’t hear anything but notifications and alarms? Unlock the feelings you’ve forgotten about – like listening to a crackling fire or waking up to the chime of church bells. Lithuania, where nature and the streets set the rhythm and the beats, is here to amaze you with sounds, sights and sensations you never knew existed,” invites the new website presenting various activities that involve feeling, seeing and hearing the best of what our country has to offer, instead of staring at your laptop or phone.

Eurovision was an essential factor when deciding about the ambassadors of the new campaign. 180 million viewers around the world is a great audience. Besides, the song contest is extremely popular in Germany (8 million viewers in 2019) and the United Kingdom (7,7 million viewers in 2019), which are the target markets for tourism in Lithuania.

The Roop, who won the local Eurovision entry contest for two years in a row (and didn’t have the chance to prove themselves in 2020), have been selected as Ambassadors of the Year by Lithuanian Radio and Television. Moreover, the band’s frontman Vaidotas Valiukevičius is the ambassador of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022.

So, what exactly does Lithuania offer, with the help of The Roop and their catchy Eurovision entry ‘Discoteque’, not forgetting last year’s viral video ‘On Fire’? Here are some of the most kaunastic picks…

To FEEL it with your fingertips, you must visit Kaunas. Tired of buildings that have no soul? In our city, you’ll find 6000+ architectural wonders from the Modernist era that will surprise you with their playfulness. Unexpected shapes, crazy curves and wicked straight lines shape the city and make it dance.

For those willing to SEE the world beyond the screen, the campaign offers a baroque picture. The Pažaislis Monastery situated on the outskirts of Kaunas emanates a sense of calm and beauty. And its gorgeously crafted exterior and interior can be marvelled at from different angles.

Also, why don’t you try to zoom out? Time to remember the panoramic function in your phone! You’ll definitely need it in Kaunas, where massive murals simply wait for someone to make them Insta-famous.

Last but not least, Lithuania invites you to HEAR the real sound – to hare experiences, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Hear and feel the strum of the acoustic guitar and sing your heart out. Feel the crackle and spit of the dancing flames. What could be better than a campfire? Maybe just the sound of a lake. We have plenty of them… Thought that lakes can’t get wavy? What about making some waves yourself?

Plan your breaking-the-screen-routine holidays in Lithuania by following this link.


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