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Being Adam Mickiewicz: A New Kaunastic Route

We published a new map in Lithuanian and Polish just in time for the National Independence Day of our neighbours. Sto lat!

We have mentioned Adam Mickiewicz, one of the greatest poets in the history of Poland, who’s also very important in Lithuania and Belarus, more than once in our blog (here's the most comprehensive entry). The poet lived in Kaunas for a few years – in our city, he taught, he wrote poems, and he loved.

Of course, Mickiewicz isn’t the only historical connection between Poland and Kaunas. Just in time for November 11th, the National Independence Day in Poland – this year it’s the centenary! – we decided to look for more connections and put them in a new touristic route.

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The route is called “Being Adam Mickiewicz” and is currently available in Lithuanian and Polish. If you speak any of the two or both languages, we hope you’ll have fun discovering the most important gossip café in Kaunas, locating the first Polish embassy in the temporary capital, taking pictures of artworks in Mickiewicz street and tasting Polish-Lithuanian delicacies.

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You’ll find the kaunastic map in the tourism information-friendly locations around Kaunas. It’s also available online.

And for our Polish neighbours, sto lat


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