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Be my Valentine... in Kaunas!

From romantic dinners to contemporary dance - there's something for lovers of all kinds.

Kaunas is a city of many things – love, too. A Facebook page called exactly that went viral for a concise time a few years ago, and we believe it was for a good reason. We are also confident it's essential to express your feelings and share the love to live happily ever after. So, if you're in Kaunas on February 14, 2019, these are the events and places we recommend you to have a look at.

If there's one museum we can recommend for a Valentine's special, that would be the flat of two kaunastic artists, stage designer Liudas Truikys and his partner, opera singer Marijona Rakauskaitė (more here). Before WW2, their Žaliakalnis apartment with a picturesque panorama of Kaunas was the hotspot of Kaunas boheme. Today, it's a cozy museum full of fantastic vintage exhibits. The love story of the artists is inspiring - we're sure the museum hosts will tell you all about it.


Sadly, the historic flat not on AirBnb... Picture by Dainius Ščiuka for Kaunas Full of Culture magazine

Oh, and in case you decide to make the day REALLY special, here's a list of kaunastic places ideal for proposing. But first, food.


One of our favourite spots for occasions of all kinds is Monte Pacis, a hospitality complex situated in the Pažaislis monastery on the banks of Kaunas reservoir. Recommended by the White Guide, the restaurants never fails to inspire and surprise with dishes created from seasonal ingredients. For Valentine's dinner, the chef and a team of artists have created a special Dinner of Senses. The hotel has a special offer for those willing to spend an extraordinarily romantic weekend at the complex. Contact Monte Pacis for detailed information.

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Picture by Monte Pacis

Almost every single restaurant in the downtown and old town of Kaunas has something special planned for the most romantic night of the year. So, it's up to you to decide whether you want to try out the contemporary Nordic-Lithuanian cuisine (Uoksas and snobas), enjoy live music (Daugirdas, Perkūno namai, Režisierius, Soul) or add some extra spiciness to your night (Agave). What about a romantic excursion in a brewery (Volfas Engelman Studio)?.. Here's our recommended restaurant list - contact them directly for detailed information and table reservation.

A2. Aleksandravicius 1

The confluence of Nemunas and Neris rivers is sometimes considered the place where Kaunas was born. Can't get any more romantic than that. Picture by A. Aleksandravičius


Operetta "Silva", 6 pm
Kaunas State Musical Theatre, Laisvės al. 91

Silva or Die Csárdásfürstin is an operetta in 3 acts by Hungarian composer Emmerich Kálmán, libretto by Leo Stein and Bela Jenbach. It premiered in Vienna at the Johann Strauß-Theater on November 17, 1915. Numerous film versions and recordings have been made. Rūta Bunikytė, the director of the newest Lithuanian edition, believes the topic of love will never go out of fashion because it is timeless and follows no rules.


Live: La Fiesta Valentino, 6 pm
Kaunas State Philharmonic, L. Sapiegos g. 5

The Kaunas big band is teaming up with Victor Mendoza for a night full of Latin music, jazz, rock, swing and beyond.

Dance performance by “Aura”, 7 pm
Kaunas City Chamber Theatre, Kęstučio g. 74A

The Kaunas dance theatre “Aura” is home to a multinational team of skilled dancers. Led by Birutė Letukaitė, they’re ready to show you something spicy.

02 14 aura2

Picture by Aura

Title picture by M. Stasiulionytė 


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