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A Place For Art and Coffee: Nyčės Ūsai

A tiny gallery on M. Valančiaus street is worth spending a couple of hours at.

Our trips to M. Valančiaus street, also known as the boutique and gallery alley of Kaunas, have just become more frequent. This time we’re inviting you to discover the gallery “Nyčės ūsai” [“Moustache of Nietzsche”].

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Adriaan and Elzė Hoogduiijn, owners of Nyčės Ūsai / photo by the gallery

The address of the tiny gallery Pilies g. 1. Real estate developers Etapas were the ones to invite the newcomer gallery here, promising no rent fees for a year. Etapas believe that business and art have to support one another as their friendship is beneficial for the city in many ways. Yay for that!

Elzė Hoogduijn, a Lithuanian photographer, and her Dutch husband Adriaan Hoogduijn, who’s also running another business in Kaunas with his colleagues, are behind the whole idea. They believe every house deserves affordable art and beautiful, quality things for daily rituals, so “Nyčės ūsai” introduces works by artist from Lithuania – photos, paintings, design objects, jewellery. But why Nietzsche and why his moustache, you might ask?

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Adriaan contemplating his coffee / photo by the gallery

“Thinking about the gallery’s name and logo had us going back to Friedrich Nietzsche’s moustache as it’s probably the most impressive one we’ve come across. In general, the moustache of Nietzsche serves as a perfect symbol of art integrated into everyday life”, Elzė and Adriaan also serve great coffee and croissants and their lovely dog is often in the gallery, too.

A kaunastic reason to visit Nyčės Ūsai is the independent book market scheduled for October 28th. The event features a combination of independent publishers and specialized bookshops from around Lithuania.

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Photo by the gallery

Juodas Šuo (bookstore in VIlnius), Kitokia Grafika (comics publishers in Kaunas), Six Chairs Books (bookstore currently located at the Kaunas Artists' House), Lapas publishers (they’re in charge of the Kaunas and Vilnius architecture guides and many more great books) and Nyčės Ūsai will present a large number of titles ranging from comics to art books, architecture to design and literature to cultural history.

DSC 3415

Photo by the gallery

The first and hopefully not the last book market will be open from 11AM to 7PM. Apart from books and good coffee, you can join an architectural excursion and enjoy the art of young Lithuanian artists.


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