Pins set "Have a kaunastic day"

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Pins set "Have a kaunastic day". Includes 4 colorful and kaunastic pins.


The set includes 4 different pins:

Pin "Cat". Size: 1,7x1,7 cm.
Author: anonymous. This peaceful cat is not a brand nor a logo – anonymous, random, scattered and not exactly legal, the symbol represents the essence of street art of contemporary Kaunas and the general atmosphere of the city.

„Pink elephant“.
Size: 2,5 x 1,3 cm
The creator of the street art "Pink Elephant" Vytenis Jakas has been inspired by an inscription on the wall "Deima+Arūnas". According to Vytenis, this phrase spoke about big love between two young people.

Pin "A Man". Hight: 3,3 cm.
Author: Petras Mazūras
The anonymous bronze man has been standing on the steps of M. Žilinskas Art Gallery since 1991 and has since received many nicknames. His kaunastic shapes symbolize the beauty of soul and body; while his open arms welcome everyone to the museum and Kaunas.

Pin "#kaunastic" -  Never heard of the word? We’re sure it'll be your favourite after your visit. The Kaunastic Feeling is to Expect the Unexpected. It's fantastic - in Kaunas. 

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